I am deeply fascinated by people’s everyday realities. I often find myself looking at a person’s house or apartment and wonder who they are, how they live, what they’ve experienced. When I travel abroad, these curiosities intensify. There’s the experience of the larger differences- culture, values, religion, food, leisure- and as a photographer it is these aspects I am usually focusing on, but I am equally fascinated by the everyday objects. They are the small, functional things that make up our everyday experience to which little consideration is often given (that is, of course, putting aside the billion dollar industry of design aesthetic-and truth be told, I’m a sucker for good design and packaging). I like the look of objects and the experience of holding and using them. I revel in the mundane.

With that, I thought I’d jump on the Hipster…I mean Hipstamatic bandwagon with objects I encounter every day in my apartment

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