Change is in the Air

Fall hath fallen in Russia. A bit early for my taste but I’m thankful for a break from the heat. One day it was the heat of summer and the next, a cool breeze swept through the city bringing autumn with it. Outfits of young (and not-so-young) Russian women have transformed from open-weave tops, micro-mini skirts and platform stilettos to slightly more opaque tops, skinny jeans and platform stilettos. Babushkas are carting buckets of apples instead of berries. The smell of burning wood occasionally overtakes the smell of diesel. College students are returning and the Christian Orthodox are celebrating the autumn harvest. Soon I will be leaving my fair city for Kiev to apply for another visa. I excited to see Ukraine but nervous about the visa process. I realize it’s been a long time since I posted and I have so much to share it’s rather overwhelming. Alas, I’m off to photograph another Tatar family but hopefully tomorrow will bring a more detailed update.


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